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Performance and characteristics of spindle bearings

performance and characteristics of spindle bearings:

DZ series spindle bearings are mainly used for supporting the twisting of chemical fiber blended yarn. It is very important for textile machinery spindles and cotton spinning enterprises to better use and maintain. The author talks about the methods of use and maintenance of spindle bearing series products from the perspective of main product manufacturers and combined with the user's use situation. Suggestions on spindle bearing performance and characteristics: hydraulic dynamic and static pressure bearings are commonly used shaft shells DZ series spindle bearings with shafts are mainly used for textile machinery spindles used in cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber, pure and blended spinning frames and twisting machines. For cotton textile enterprises, how to better use, maintain and maintain these special parts is very important. Here, the author mainly talks about some methods and suggestions on the use, maintenance and care of spindle bearing series products from the perspective of product manufacturers and combined with the use of users

1. As a special bearing for textile, the structure of spindle bearing is relatively special. It adopts single row centripetal short cylindrical roller without inner ring. Because the bearing ball and the shaft are in point contact substructure, it is a high-speed bearing bearing pure radial load. I regretted it at the beginning of use. Why is this precision bearing. The assembled integral bearing is still open. Considering the needs of assembly, packaging, transportation and reassembly at the height set by the user, a special antirust oil is mainly used for spindle bearings at present. It not only has good anti rust performance, but also can ensure that the bearing is not easy to loose when entering the assembly process of the final user

2. Due to the use of single row centripetal short round rollers, this series of bearings have strong rigidity and bear large radial loads; High manufacturing precision, flexible and stable rotation, low noise, suitable for high-speed operation; Simple structure and low power consumption; The maintenance is convenient

3. At present, the executive standard of spindle bearing series products is still: fz/t92025-1994 DZ series spindle bearings textile industry standard

4. The cage with new reinforced nylon material has the following performance characteristics: first, the new cage adopts engineering plastic PA66 glass fiber reinforced nylon material; Second, the injection molding processing method is adopted, which has good processability and good stability of size and shape; Third, the cage made of nylon has a certain self-lubricating effect; Fourth, through the optimization design of the pocket structure, the swing amplitude of the roller in the process of high-speed operation can be reduced, so as to reduce the noise to a certain extent. An effective treatment method can not only ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration unit, but also effectively regulate the energy consumption and refrigerating capacity of the refrigeration system

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