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Performance and index of automatic ball point pen head processing machine tool

45 station automatic ball point pen head processing machine tool is specially used for processing nickel white copper and stainless steel water-based, neutral ball point pen head automatic processing machine tool. As long as the blank punched into a certain length is added to the hopper, the machine tool can automatically complete the clamping from feeding, drilling the inner hole, turning the outer circle, conical surface, boring the ball seat hole, flushing groove, loading ball beads, closing, pressing beads until discharging, The whole process of processing and assembly; It also has the functions of automatic alarm and shutdown for positioning over length, broken drill bit, no bead and other faults, and digital display of processing beat and workpiece counting. It is also applicable to the processing of other micro shaft parts with deep holes, such as lighter nozzles, bicycle valve cores and other geotextile testing machines with main specifications of 10kN, 20KN and 50kN

this machine tool is equipped with a proximity switch, and the feeding and turning stations are equipped with over length detection; The three punching stations are equipped with hole depth detection and bead free detection. If the processing of the previous station fails to meet the requirements, the proximity switch sends a signal, and the programmable controller makes the machine stop automatically immediately, and the corresponding indicator light is on to indicate the fault direction. Each step is very important for troubleshooting

main technical indicators:

I. type: linear guide rail type; 2. Because experiments can produce gas sensors, phosphors, rheostats, image recording materials, piezoelectric materials, varistors, high-efficiency catalysts, magnetic materials and plastic films, the jaws of machines often use

2. Work bits:

III. workpiece processing specification: φ 1.6—2.5mm;

IV. processing beat: 35-45 pieces/min

v. lubrication, cooling and cleaning methods: use pressure oil and compressed air

VI. quality management: dynamic detection, programmable control, electronic digital counting, etc

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