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Performance and application of water-soluble plastic packaging film

as a green packaging material, water-soluble plastic packaging film is widely used in the packaging of a variety of products in the United States, Japan and other countries in Europe and has not reached a consensus. For example, pesticides, fertilizers, pigments, detergents, water treatment agents, mineral additives, detergents, concrete additives, photographic chemicals and gardening care chemicals. Its main characteristics are:

1. The degradation is complete, and the final products of degradation are CO2 and H2O, which can completely solve the problem of packaging waste treatment

2. It is safe and convenient to use, avoiding users' direct contact with the packaged goods, and can be used for the packaging of goods harmful to human body; 3. It has good mechanical properties and can be heat sealed, with high heat sealing strength

main chemical composition and environmental protection characteristics of water-soluble packaging film

1. chemical composition: the main raw material of water-soluble packaging film is low alcoholysis polyvinyl alcohol, which uses the film-forming, water-soluble and degradability of polyvinyl alcohol, and adds various additives, such as surfactants, plasticizers, anti adhesion agents, etc

2. Environmental protection characteristics: water soluble film products are green packaging materials, which have been recognized by national environmental protection departments in Europe, America, Japan and other countries

at present, biological oxygen consumption and chemical oxygen consumption are mainly regarded as environmental protection indicators at home and abroad. The relevant Japanese departments measured that the biological oxygen consumption of polyvinyl alcohol was much smaller than that of starch. The oxygen consumption measured by American air products company after five days of biodegradation of PVA products of airvol company was lower than 1% of the initial total oxygen consumption. Biological tests have proved that polyvinyl alcohol is non-toxic, will not prevent the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and has no impact on wastewater treatment and environmental sanitation. He has helped design and produce many experiments in this paper. The results also show that polyvinyl alcohol is almost completely decomposed, reducing oxygen consumption very low

in terms of degradation mechanism, polyvinyl alcohol has two degradation characteristics of water and biology. First, it dissolves in water to form glue solution and infiltrates into the soil, which increases the soil's stickiness, permeability and water retention. It is especially suitable for sand soil transformation. In order to absorb the energy of collision, P in the soil enzyme VA can be decomposed by the soil isolated bacteria, a single-cell strain. The symbiotic system composed of at least two kinds of bacteria can degrade polyvinyl alcohol, one is the active bacteria of polyvinyl alcohol, and the other is the bacteria that produce the substances required by the active bacteria of PVA. The secondary alcohol oxidation reaction enzyme catalyzes polyvinyl alcohol, and then the hydrolase cuts off the oxidized PVA main chain for further degradation, and finally it can be degraded into CO2 and H2O

water soluble packaging film has been widely valued by developed countries in the world because of its environmental protection characteristics. For example, Japan, the United States and France have produced and sold such products in large quantities, such as WRP and CCIP in the United States, greensol in France and synthetic chemistry in Japan. Their users are also some famous large companies, such as Bayer, hen Kel and other large companies have begun to use water-soluble films to package their products

ucrete is an ideal food and beverage production material, and the domestic water-soluble film market is rising. According to relevant statistics, the annual demand for water-soluble films in China is 15000 tons. At present, the market price is 10000 yuan/ton for American products and 10000 yuan/ton for Japanese products. The sales price of domestic products is only 40% of that of the United States, with an average price of 60000 yuan/ton, so it has strong competitiveness in price. With the development and progress of society, people pay more and more attention to protecting the environment on which we live. Especially after China's entry into WTO, it is in line with the world's developed countries, and the requirements for environmental protection of packaging are increasing. Therefore, the application prospect of water-soluble packaging film in China must be very broad

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