The hottest medical laser marking machine is safe,

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Medical laser marking machine - safe, non-toxic and pollution-free

the nourishing treasure Shenling grass newly developed by Jiangzhong group is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine theory and advanced production technology. Please immediately assist in troubleshooting or contact the company's industry. It adopts various international top manufacturing processes, including ultrasonic cleaning to remove pesticide residues, electrodialysis to remove heavy metals, liquid nitrogen to empty oxygen, high-pressure sterilization to replace preservatives Vacuum leak detection and laser marking. Among them, the new generation of laser marking is a highlight

just like the pharmaceutical industry, the health care industry has very strict requirements for safety and health. The laser marking machine is not only efficient and energy-saving, but also safe, toxic and pollution-free. The study found that the general spray marking method is often not safe and environmentally friendly because the paint contains toxic substances. Visitors can also see the subversive new figure 4 production platform of 3D system company. Secondly, as special commodities, health products and drugs need to be coded on the packaging to meet the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for traceability. The laser marking machine accurately burns and engraves delicate, clear and permanent patterns or words, which cannot be erased or changed, and has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, laser marking will not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, and will not damage the processed object

laser marking has been successfully applied in food and beverage, medicine and other industries, and has been loved and praised by users at home and abroad. Laser marking 8. The combination of the technology of screening and marking defective parts in advance with the pharmaceutical industry is the collision and agitation of various disciplines of science and technology and biology

most people will overlook a very important price factor statement in the procurement process:

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