The hottest medical waste is made into tableware a

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Medical waste is made into tableware and needles are dissolved into plastic

the female boss of waste collection exposed the shocking inside story, and made an unannounced visit to uncover the black curtain of medical waste recycling: infusion bottles, infusion tubes, medicine bottles (even residual blood and liquid medicine) are recycled and made into disposable tableware, milk tea cups, drinking cups, jelly cups... After watching the video, the whole person is not good

the disposable tableware, milk tea cups and milk bottles you use are probably made of medical waste

according to the female boss, these medical wastes will be recycled by special people and made into tableware, milk tea cups, toys...

and some will be drawn into silk and put into cotton clothes. Think how scary it is

these have also been confirmed one by one in the survey

medical waste is recycled into tableware and other supplies, and the factory owner has revealed the amazing profits behind it...

the owner of the recycling point said that recycling cans and beverage bottles can earn up to several thousand yuan per month, while medical waste can easily earn 30000 or 50000 yuan per month. The operating skills of the wear resistance testing machine are roughly the same as those of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

then, how did these people get the medical waste that is forbidden to be sold

all use the products of Jurong Ningwu new materials Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise in the border city. A hospital cleaning foreman who was secretly interviewed said that whoever pays more money will give it to whoever

what's more, the processing factory knows that it does not comply with the regulations, but still mixes the infusion bottle with tableware raw materials

infusion tubes, infusion bottles, and even needles are mixed. After being crushed by the machine, they are dissolved into the plastic, which outsiders can't see at all

look at the disposable cups being produced on the assembly line. These are made of medical waste that has not been cleaned into particles

because the raw materials are cheap and the selling price is also very low, buyers from all over the country will come here to buy, so the supply is continuous

untreated medical waste has become disposable tableware, milk tea cups, jelly cups

classification principle of medical waste:

General Waste: generated in the management, construction and maintenance of medical institutions

Medical Waste: five categories of direct or indirect infectious waste, pathological waste, damaging waste, pharmaceutical waste and chemical waste generated in medical treatment, prevention, health care and related activities

the medical waste produced during the operation includes:

infectivity: items contaminated by the patient's blood, body fluid and excreta

pathological: human waste and medical laboratory animal carcasses produced in the medical process

injury: waste medical sharp tools that can stab or cut the human body

drug nature: expired, obsolete, deteriorated or contaminated drugs

chemistry: toxic, corrosive, flammable and explosive waste chemicals

sewage process:

domestic waste is put into black garbage bags, needle blades and other sharp tools are put into special sharp tool boxes, medical waste is packed in double-layer yellow garbage bags and put into special garbage cans - special personnel are assigned to pollute the elevator room - special personnel are assigned to send it to the incinerator at a certain time

extended reading

medical waste contains dozens or even thousands of times more bacteria than ordinary domestic waste

it is understood that there may be infectious bacteria, viruses, chemical pollutants, radioactive and other harmful substances in medical waste, which is of great danger. It is regarded as "top danger" and "fatal killer" abroad, and it is also listed as No. 1 Hazardous Waste in China's national directory of hazardous waste. According to the state's written regulations, medical waste must be treated by "incineration" to ensure sterilization and avoid environmental pollution

the catalogue of medical waste classification issued by the State Council clearly stipulates that pollutants, infusion tubes and needles that have been exposed to the patient's blood and body fluids during diagnosis and treatment are medical waste and must be destroyed according to regulations

it's really shocking! The lithium salt processing project, which started construction last year, is also being carried out according to the schedule. I remind you that you must pay more attention and use less disposable lunch boxes, plastic cups and other items. When buying milk bottles, toys and cotton padded clothes, don't be greedy for bargains. Be sure to buy regular brand products. I also hope relevant departments can pay attention to it and don't let such things happen again

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