The hottest medical technology in 2013

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According to Forbes, the world's most authoritative it research and consulting firm Gartner A report on the maturity of the annual technology curve has just been released. The report covers up to 1900 kinds of cutting-edge technologies, distributed in 92 fields. Gartner pointed out that this year, big data, IOT and memory computing will be mature and hot in 2013, that is, they will be close to ordinary people like you and me. So, in Gartner's view, what new trends will break through the critical point

human function is improved. Cyberdyne, a Japanese company, has developed a garment called Hal, which is a similar exoskeleton. It can help people who have lost their motor function recover their motor ability. Its main principle is to first obtain the neuroelectric signal responsible for transmitting the limb motion information, and then convert it into the motion instructions of clothing

quantum computing. Its microchip with a special project net income of 45million euros (Q3 2013: negative 99million euros) is tiny and looks like a dot on someone's thumb. But for some time, scientists have been trying to make it smaller and reach the atomic level. This is the so-called quantum computer, whose data processing speed dwarfs that of today's fastest computer

home health monitoring. Through the use of embedded medical diagnostic equipment containing a variety of sensors, the medical data in the family are monitored and collected, and these measured data are sent to the corresponding health monitoring center through the wireless network, which is integrated with the user's permanent electronic medical record

3d bioprinting. In 2010, Organovo, an American biotechnology company, developed a biological printer that can print veins using patients' own cells. The 3D biological printer has two print heads, one of which can place up to 80000 human cells, which is called biological ink; Another printable bio paper. In 2011, researchers from Harvard Medical School realized the bioprinting of embryonic stem cells through a new automatic bioprinting method

automatic driving. Google's autonomous vehicle has been running for more than a year, and so far there has been only one traffic accident, and it was still rear ended by someone

mobile robot. This is an integrated system integrating environmental awareness, dynamic decision-making and the advantages of recycled plastic granulator, which also enables it to continue to develop, planning, behavior control and execution

hybrid cloud computing. Integrating multiple cloud computing platforms for computing requires cloud computing as the foundation

wireless charging. Let electricity transmit wirelessly like data, eliminate the trouble of carrying many wires with you, and enable users to charge their mobile devices without wires

Internet TV. Real Internet TV will become the mainstream. TV manufacturers are introducing televisions that have easy access to built-in connectivity. People will soon be able to watch everything they want through the Internet without cable and satellite TV at all

virtual desktop. It is a server based computing model that hosts and manages all desktop virtual machines in the data center; At the same time, users can get a complete PC experience. In the future, we can access our personal desktop system on the Internet through any device, anywhere and at any time

biometric recognition. Use human physiological characteristics or behavioral characteristics to identify personal identity. Common ones include fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, speaker recognition, hand shape recognition, palmprint recognition, signature recognition, gait recognition, etc

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