The hottest medical industry is developing rapidly

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With the rapid development of the medical industry, China's medical devices compete for the international stage

Abstract: in general, facing the current policy situation, China's medical device industry should play a steady and solid foundation. At the same time, we should adjust the development strategy in a timely manner, promote industrial innovation and upgrading, improve the overall level of talents and technology, and gradually promote China's medical instruments and equipment to the international market

scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of building a modern scientific and technological power and promoting industrial scientific and technological progress. Benefiting from the inclination of national policies and the intensive introduction of various policies, China's medical instrument industry has developed rapidly

in 2015, the State Council issued made in China 2025, proposing to deploy the strategy of comprehensively promoting the powerful country and enhance the overall competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. Make clear requirements for the field of medical devices, improve the innovation ability and industrialization level of medical devices, focus on the development of high-performance diagnosis and treatment equipment, and gradually get rid of the situation of relying on imports of high-end medical devices. Driven by the necessary market and guided by the national macro-control policies, China's medical device industry has shown a rapid and healthy development trend. Some high-end medical instruments began to win the recognition of foreign users. After continuous exploration, Yangzi Petrochemical gradually stepped into the international stage

recently, a large-scale high-end instrument and equipment made by China's intelligence - "Liancong fault probability analysis shadow 96 ring PET-CT" was officially unveiled in Fujita Health University Hospital in Nagoya, Japan, which is also the first time that "made by China's intelligence" large-scale high-end medical equipment has entered the Japanese market. In addition, according to the data, the export of medical devices in China has shown a low-speed growth trend in recent years, and there is no short and big room for the future research on experimental machines

nowadays, the level of China's manufacturing industry has been recognized by the world. After long-term experience accumulation, China's medical device industry has experienced considerable development, and the gap with developed countries has gradually narrowed. At present, the country is actively encouraging the development of manufacturing industry, and the opportunity of "intelligent manufacturing" cannot be missed

according to the other strategic plan of made in China 2025, China's medical device industry is facing a new round of opportunities by focusing on breakthroughs in medical robots, mobile medical equipment and other fields. As a medical device product solution provider, Langrui Huikang believes that in the near future, China's medical device industry will "go global" in quality technology, standards and norms, and Chinese enterprises

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