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Drug packaging container paper bucket design (Part 2)

4.5.1 appearance inspection: the appearance inspection of paper bucket mainly includes closures, barrels that have a significant impact in the field of food preservation, covers (bottoms), barrels, adhesives, printing and other items. The inspection methods include sensory inspection and measuring tool inspection

① the sealer is the main part of the paper barrel, and its holding, opening flexibility, interchangeability and fitting with the barrel body directly affect the quality of the packaging. Therefore, during the inspection, open and lock the sealer and the mouth of the paper barrel several times

② during the barrel body inspection, there is no mechanical scratch on the outer surface of the barrel body, the barrel body is round, without obvious out of round, dent, skew, wrinkle, glue opening, the paint is evenly coated, without missing coating, bubble, obvious sagging, and the round curling edge of the barrel is free of paper tongue. The barrel diameter shall be measured in the conjugate diameter direction of the upper and lower end faces of the cardboard barrel

③ the inspection of the end (bottom) mainly includes the use of materials and size detection: the end (bottom) is required to use plywood or other equivalent materials, but splicing is not allowed. The surface of the cover (bottom) shall be flat and free of warpage. The rubber fatigue testing machine is the same kind and will not affect the operation of the equipment due to the influence of external forces, without missing corners and damage. The size of the end (bottom) of the barrel should be controlled within the allowable tolerance range by Yang Jie, vice president of the Great Wall Motor Technology Research Institute

④ adhesive for paper bucket. The adhesive commonly used in the production process of paper barrels is PVA water-soluble adhesive, which is mainly used for the bonding of main materials and fiber materials. Adhesives containing toxic and migration pollution are not allowed

⑤ printing: the contents of appearance printing mainly include commodity name, place of origin, batch, weight (net weight, gross weight), and shipping mark marks. The printed drawings and words are clear and uniform, firmly attached, and there is no ink running

inspect the can body seal and the inside of the can body, and it is required that the can body seal is free of defects, burrs and debris in the can body

4.5.2 performance test of paper bucket: there are two performance tests of paper bucket: drop test and stacking test

① drop test: the sample is pretreated with temperature and humidity: the temperature is 202 ℃, the temperature is 65.5%, and the time is 48 hours. The barrel is filled with dry sand and sawdust mixture to reach 95% of the specified maximum holding mass and volume, and it is closed. The temperature and humidity of the mixture are consistent with the sample pretreatment conditions

there are two technical parameters of the drop test: the number of tests (6 pieces) and the drop height (0.8m). Test method: lift the pretreated sample to the predetermined height with the test equipment. After it is stabilized, start the shedding device to make the sample instantly fall freely. Each piece of palm falls once. When falling, first make any point on the bottom edge of each barrel collide with the ground, and then make the outer edge of the top surface of each barrel collide with the point adjacent to the handle of the closer. After the test, check whether the end (bottom) of the barrel falls off and whether the contents are leaked

② stacking test

this test is conducted to simulate the stacking and stowage requirements of packages in the actual storage process. Three samples are stacked with a stacking height of 3 meters

test method: place the sample on the stacking ground, place the load plate in the center of the top surface of the sample, and then place the weight on the load plate without causing impact, so that it can contact the load plate evenly. The error between the total weight of the weight and the load plate and the specified value should be controlled within 2%. The stacking load is 4900n, and it will not leak or crack for 24 hours. The permanent deformation should not affect the stacking capacity of the paper barrel

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