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Medical waste turns into a black hole for health care product packaging treatment, which needs to be stopped up

[mainly used for automobile China Packaging News] in reality, some black holes can only be seen as ugly and ferocious if the cover is removed. What would you think if someone told you that the raw material of your drink bottle or food packaging came from medical waste? This is not a prank. According to relevant media, these medical garbage were sorted and turned into treasure, and some bottles and cans were transformed into health care products

medical waste is a kind of hazardous waste specified by the state. If it is not handled properly, it will not only pollute the environment, but may even infect diseases and endanger the health of residents. Therefore, according to the requirements of the national regulations on the management of medical waste, medical waste must be disposed of in a centralized manner. In addition, from collection, transportation, storage to disposal, the quadruple single system should be implemented, and any unit or individual is strictly prohibited from transferring, buying and selling medical waste. Violators can not only be fined and held accountable, but also be held criminally accountable for the relevant units and persons

most professional medical institutions must know this. Asking the head of a hospital how to deal with medical waste may be a pledge to strictly implement the regulations, assign special personnel to be responsible for professional disposal. However, with the recovery of the law, medical waste has quietly flowed into the society. From the situation of secret visits, some smuggled and traded in hospitals, while others changed their roles after being transported to centralized disposal sites. Moreover, from the perspective of the formation of the underground industrial chain, this situation is by no means a year and a half, and has been for quite some time

it can be seen that although the treatment of medical waste has already risen to the regulatory accountability of national regulations, for some hospitals, the treatment of medical waste may still disdain the corners and details of interference, coupled with the temptation of interests, which also makes the specific contractors sell garbage for profit. As everyone knows, how many great disasters in the world are planted in the seemingly insignificant negligence and the pursuit of petty profits. It is no longer a common lack of management to neglect the supervision of medical waste in our unit. The light ones are against professional ethics, and the heavy ones are suspected of breaking the law. The medical waste flowing to Jiexi County has the labels of various hospitals, which can be said to be the most powerful report. To maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong for a long time, the relevant departments can trace the source and seriously investigate and deal with relevant hospitals and people

at the same time, local health supervision institutions and environmental protection departments must also be investigated. According to the regulations on the management of medical waste, the health strain gauge is composed of elastic elements and strain gauges pasted on it. The health administration and the environmental protection department are responsible for the direct supervision of medical waste, and they are required to conduct regular cross sampling inspection. So many medical waste that should have been centrally disposed of has flowed into the society under the eyes of the supervision department, which is still ignorant. In any case, it is difficult to get rid of the suspicion of dereliction of duty and oversight

more importantly, the health and environmental protection departments should also take this as a warning, draw inferences from one instance, and carry out a special inspection on the treatment of medical waste in medical institutions, so as to plug the loopholes of medical waste 8. Displacement measurement error: ± 1% waste flow to the society, and truly establish a standardized and orderly medical waste treatment system. For some medical waste that can really be recycled, isolation measures must also be taken with harmful medical waste, so that medical waste cannot flow to the society through the road and harm the public

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