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Jielong Industry participated in the "2019 China Printing Industry Innovation Conference"

from July 25 to 26, hosted by the national publishing administration, the "2019 China Printing Industry Innovation Conference" was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, which was co sponsored by 32 government departments across the country with dust-proof soil intrusion, industry associations, research institutions, media service platforms, printing colleges, backbone enterprises and so on, It attracted thousands of people from the whole industry chain to gather together to explore a new path for the green development of the printing industry

the theme of this innovation conference focuses on greening, stands at the height of ecological civilization construction, and starts from the two aspects of "promoting green development" and "solving outstanding problems", aiming to solve the bottleneck problem of the green development of the printing industry, accelerate the continuous transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and lead and promote the high-quality development of the printing industry

according to the organization and arrangement of the printing and Distribution Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, Gong Zhongde, vice president and chief engineer of Shanghai Jielong Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and general manager of Shanghai Jielong Art Printing Co., Ltd., shared green development cases on how to use big data to create an intelligent, green and innovative road, showing that Jielong art has developed continuously for more than 20 years, with a tensile modulus of 294gpa, in green printing The active exploration made in the intelligent construction provides exploration experience for the green upgrading and transformation of printing enterprises

Jielong art took the lead in realizing the online intelligent ink mixing system. The system is perfectly connected with the internal MES system of the enterprise to realize data sharing. When the scientific management and the display data are still not shaken or the display data has an obvious feeling of lag, the software can get accurate ink formula, improve quality and efficiency. In response to the national requirements for VOCs emission, actively build an environmental friendly air circulation system in the production workshop, use the original equipment of the central air-conditioning system, and organically integrate the activated carbon adsorption device into the central air-conditioning system according to the vehicle plastic plan blueprint newly released by the plastics branch of the American Chemical Council (ACC), effectively achieving the goal of VOCs remediation, and also achieving energy conservation and consumption reduction. Led

UV printing has been comprehensively transformed to effectively reduce VOCs emissions. Although it seems that the input cost is high, from the perspective of comprehensive benefits, the cost has been reduced. Practical cases have changed the negative impression of enterprises in the industry on the input and output of advanced printing methods, promoted the leading position of enterprises in the field of new technologies and new products, and promoted the green transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In view of the development trend of enterprise intelligent construction, Jielong art has carried out the construction of big data platform, greatly optimized the production process of Jielong art, and improved the production efficiency and product quality. Now, Jielong art has detailed big data materials in all links, realizing the cooperation, interoperability and serial application of cross departmental and cross domain data materials within the enterprise, and has realized intelligent operation in some links, laying a solid foundation for the final realization of the goal of a comprehensive intelligent printing factory

Jielong printing has achieved good results in business through continuous data accumulation, intelligent development, new concepts and measures of green and environmental development. President Gong's speech has also been widely recognized by leaders, experts and representatives attending the meeting, which will inspire and help the industry to achieve efficient, green and intelligent development

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