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Jietong Huasheng: intelligent customer service implements standard cost management into double eleven standard configuration, and realizes more efficient traffic conversion with less service cost.

this year's double eleven is particularly special compared with previous years. Major e-commerce companies have opened the first half of the shopping festival early, and live broadcast and other promotional patterns continue to attract consumers to buy. In the face of surging traffic, this year's customer service industry should be more confident, relying on intelligent customer service

intelligent customer service mainly adopts voice recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding and other technologies, which can understand the customer's language and intention, communicate with customers in the way of intelligent voice and text question and answer, intelligently associate commodity orders, view logistics, after-sales, complaints and other related information in real time, answer users' concerns, and intelligently guide users to place orders by themselves according to users' needs, so as to provide intelligent high-quality services

seamless capacity expansion and efficient traffic conversion at low cost

the survey shows that more than half of the working time of customer service is to answer repeated questions raised by different customers, such as order inquiry, commodity consultation, activity details, etc., which are all completed by manual customers, which is undoubtedly a great waste of resources. With the help of natural language understanding technology, intelligent customer service can accurately understand the intention expressed by consumers, divert and solve invalid conversations and simple repetitive problems in advance. The agent customer service can focus on fuzzy and complex problems or problems beyond the authority of the robot, so as to improve the reception efficiency and transformation effect

in the face of the surge in traffic during the double 11, if the temporary recruitment of customer service part-time, it will not only cost training costs and human costs, but also face the uncertainty of staff loss and the risk of service quality cannot be guaranteed

intelligent customer service only needs to expand the capacity on demand on the original basis, and the amount of knowledge and Q & a skills mastered by each intelligent customer service can be completely copied. Intelligent customer service also supports 24-hour response to user questions at any time

a gold medal customer service can receive up to 400 people a day when it is full. On the intelligent customer service project deployed by Jietong Huasheng for an e-commerce customer, 200 lines are concurrent, which can support more than 500000 daily visits, with lower cost and higher response efficiency

multi channel docking to meet the diversified marketing needs of merchants

both e-commerce enterprises and brand owners are constantly expanding promotion channels, and official shopping malls, microblogs, apps are available for graduates to read, etc. Lingyun intelligent customer service can integrate these channels. By building a unified knowledge base and integrating consumer and work order information, consumers can get timely feedback and further follow-up no matter which channel they consult from

like manual customer service, Lingyun intelligent customer service has self-learning function. The e-commerce platform imports promotion information and standard scripts into the system knowledge base. After full processing and training, intelligent customer service can quickly master product introduction, activity description and other related information, and deal with related problems freely

in case of problems that cannot be answered by robots such as strong fuzziness, the system will seamlessly transfer to manual customer service, so that consumer needs can be quickly responded to and service quality can be guaranteed

customer service data re mining, driving marketing growth

Lingyun intelligent customer service system also provides big data analysis technology. Through consulting hot spot analysis, repeated visit analysis, consumption portrait analysis, satisfaction survey, how is it good for e-commerce platforms to comprehensively understand the business operation?. Focus on recommending products with high consultation, adjust promotional information for categories with low attention, and adjust and optimize services with low consumer satisfaction to improve user experience

at present, Lingyun intelligent customer service system has been deployed in many e-commerce enterprises to easily cope with the traffic peak brought by the double 11 Shopping Festival through intelligent services

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