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Jieshengda Technology launched one in two out signal isolation transmitter

jieshengda Technology (JSD Technology) pushed out one in two out signal isolation transmitter for the fatigue life of the spring. It has high precision isolation transmitter, high linearity, stable and reliable performance, and guaranteed quality. This product can be transmitted more than 2000 meters away. Through the EU CE certification, the international standard din35mm guide rail installation method, using 220VAC AC power supply, power 1.5W, in addition, there are two in two out, three in three out, one in three out, one in one out signal isolation transmitter - AC power supply series isolator products, welcome to order

din35 1x2 Mi series one in two out signal isolation transmitter of JSD technology - AC 220VAC power supply series. The signal isolation transmitter is a signal conditioning transmitter that converts, amplifies and isolates the analog signals electrically insulated between input and output, receives various analog signal inputs of field instruments, and performs signal transformation, conditioning and signal distribution through the analog signal isolation transmitter, When the standard analog signal or the special analog signal specified by the user is transmitted to the control room and PLC, the latter cannot guarantee the synchronization of the transmission, which will affect the experimental results, PC and DCS systems. New isolation measures are adopted in the design, which not only isolate the input, output and working power supply, but also isolate each channel of the product from each other. The isolation voltage is high, that is, HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH and Hrk reach 2500vdc. It is a five isolation product, which is widely used in the industrial field of power isolation and measurement, power monitoring, medical electronic equipment, analog signal isolation, transmission, conversion, distribution and acquisition. The analog signal isolation transmitter adopts magnetoelectric isolation technology, which has higher output accuracy, small temperature drift characteristics and good linearity than the optocoupler signal isolation transmitter. It is suitable for vibration and wet industrial sites. It is designed with the international standard din35mm guide rail installation method, which is convenient for users to install in the cabinet slot

features and application sites:

● thin volume, low cost, international standard din35mm guide rail installation mode

● five terminal isolation (input, output, working power supply and mutual isolation between channels)

● single channel input and dual channel output, Mutual isolation between channels

● high accuracy level (0.1%, 0.2% F.S)

● high linearity (0.1% F.S)

● high isolation voltage (2500vdc/60s)

● very low temperature drift (35ppm/℃)

● industrial temperature range (-45~+85 ℃)

● reliable product performance (MTBF> 500000 hours)

● 220V AC power supply (the company also has DC power supply series products)the

● international standard signal input and output (0~5v/0~10v/1~5v/4~20ma/0~10v/0~20ma)

● DC current/voltage signal isolation, conversion, amplification and distribution functions

● analog signal ground wire interference suppression and analog quantity isolation, acquisition

● 4~20ma/0~5v/1~5v/0~10v/0~ 20mA and other sensor signals isolation Transform and realize the function of signal distribution and transformation

● send and receive signals from instruments and sensors

● industrial site of electric quantity isolation and measurement and control

● analog signal data isolation, acquisition, transformation and remote transmission

● industrial site signal isolation and transformation and remote undistorted transmission

● power monitoring, medical equipment isolation safety barriers

● overcome frequency converters, large motors, equipment with rich content of this conference Acquisition system, DCS and PLC site interference

data download: one in two out analog AC power supply signal isolation transmitter

isolation transmitter data download:

isolation amplifier data download:

physical drawing of isolation transmitter:

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