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Jieshijie has invested 5billion to pre build Asia's largest engineering plastic base and thermoplastic composite base

Shanghai jieshijie new materials Co., Ltd. recently decided to invest in a large-scale new material base construction project in Chongqing, with an investment amount of up to 5billion yuan. It is understood that Shanghai jieshijie new materials Co., Ltd., as a representative of domestic composite material production enterprises, has successively established Asia's largest engineering plastic base and thermoplastic composite base in Hefei and Panjin. This layout of Chongqing is mainly to build a new composite building formwork base. The project is expected to be completed within 5 years of static equilibrium. After completion, the project will become the largest composite building formwork base in Asia, and the annual output value is expected to exceed 8billion yuan

composite building formwork, also known as FRP formwork, is a product that has appeared in recent years and is increasingly promoted and applied in the building material market. Glass fiber reinforced resin adopts molding process, which has good impact strength, corrosion resistance, easy molding and processing, as well as the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and has broad application prospects in the construction field

since its establishment, jieshijie has taken the technological research and development and the industrialization of technological achievements as the driving force to promote the development of the enterprise. Adhering to the concept of "eternal foundation, material selection oriented", and customer demand-oriented, it has launched a number of innovative products and technologies from the molecular design, morphological design and functional design of polymer materials, combined with the structural design of products

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