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Jieting launched 1013+ girls' exclusive sanitary napkins

release date: Source: Financial Express

on September 28, Jieting and tmall launched 1013+ brand exclusive sanitary napkins, went deep into 10 cities to understand more than 2800 girls, experienced the real needs of girls aged 10 to 13, and accompanied girls to "face growth troubles optimistically" is the core vision of the brand. As the industry's first exclusive nursing brand for girls aged 10 to 13, 1013+ has a unique original intention and ingenuity: always start from the special needs of girls, create products with girls, and make real c2m products

insight into the characteristics of adolescent girls, such as sedentary in class, sensitive skin, often running and jumping sports; Jieting has developed patented pleated black Technology (Chinese invention patent: zl.7), which is low in the middle and high on both sides of the towel body, and pleated on both sides are surrounded by layers to block leakage. In addition, it has also developed a 1.5D super soft breathable cotton surface specially tailored for young skin (the smaller the value of D, the softer the surface of ordinary products is 2-3D in the field of art, 1.5D is finer and softer than the surface fiber of ordinary sanitary napkins). With pleats, it is super soft and fluffy, which can effectively reduce the contact area, reduce friction and make it more comfortable. At present, the product has passed the skin safety test of skin care product grade, and truly achieved skin care grade softness and sports grade leak proof

in addition to the exclusive Black technology core, the outer package of 1013+ is also of high appearance value, so the choice of test equation needs to be more careful, It's fun. The Lilliputian Dorothy on the package was created by more than a thousand children in the "create Dorothy creative writing and painting competition"; The unique bullet screen style design loved by girls is adopted, and the "pass every exam" on the package is like a small amulet, which is deeply loved by mothers and daughters

just like the girl on the package, the original IP of 1013+ - Doris - "Doris" means "gift" (Greek semantics), the new 1013+ product gives girls a full cycle power supply: 220V ± 10% exclusive care, which is also a growth gift for girls

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