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Jieerjie upgraded LRT series scissors aerial work platform

jieerjie upgraded LRT series scissors aerial work platform

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September 17, 2018, Shanghai - recently, jieerjie (JLG), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading, announced that it had completed the upgrading of its off-road scissors aerial work platform LRT series products. Jieerjie will continuously improve the operability, maintainability and operation efficiency of this industry-leading product based on customer feedback every year

"our customers are in need of a high-performance off-road scissor type aerial work platform, which can meet the needs of carrying and carrying more operators, equipment and tools during construction on the site." Rafael Nu, senior product manager of scissor and upright mast aerial work platforms of jierje Co., Ltd? EZ said, "the newly upgraded LRT series products have the characteristics of faster maintenance and longer operation, and can help customers complete high-altitude operations faster and more safely at a lower cost."

the new off-road scissor aerial work platform 530lrt product

operates more smoothly

the upgraded LRT series is equipped with a more perfect platform control handle, which can reset the equipment more smoothly and accurately. In addition, after upgrading the control system with feedback function, the proportional drive control system of the equipment is optimized. The left-right steering function adopts a new digital input, which not only improves the steering performance of the equipment, but also improves the response to the operator

the improved leveling outrigger can level the equipment more accurately and quickly. By integrating the special leveling function into the existing lifting and walking buttons, jieerjie has improved the leveling control interface

the updated 530lrt equipment is equipped with proportional lifting valves on the upper lifting cylinder and the lower lifting cylinder. The equipment will rise or fall smoothly in proportion, providing a more stable and comfortable lifting operation experience for the operator

in addition, the new LRT electrolytic production data are scattered on different platform series. The scissor aerial work platform can not only support greater load, but also has excellent climbing ability and operability, and can easily cross rough roads. Compared with the arm type aerial work platform, the loading capacity of this series of scissors type aerial work platform is times that of the arm type, and the loading space of the platform is times that of the arm type

easier maintenance

when designing LRT series scissors aerial work platform, jieerjie considered the maintenance service and operation time of the equipment. The steel cover not only protects the equipment parts, but also provides sufficient space for operators to inspect and maintain the equipment. The upgraded version of the whole series of equipment adopts the latest diesel engine of Tier 4, without using the injection technology of large engine system

simply click on the analyzer to easily calibrate the equipment in shrinkage state. The improved height sensor does not need to be recalibrated after each software update. All software upgrades comply with the upcoming a92.20 standard, which will help further improve the customer's operating experience. In addition, all LRT series equipment will be calibrated using the same procedure. Another UCLA team is developing a kind of tape, and the simplification of the procedure makes the maintenance more convenient. This new function effectively helps customers optimize the running time of equipment

it avoids machine failure and personal injury. Other equipment features include collapsible ladders and 60 ° swivel out engine brackets. Among them, the engine bracket can provide greater maintenance space and facilitate maintenance and inspection of the engine and hydraulic system. The layout of the operation and control panel of the whole series is basically the same, which is convenient for operator training and operation

design is more optimized

530lrt's engine housing and ladder design are the same as 330lrt and 430lrt. As the "top 50" of Hefei enterprises, the whole LRT series is equipped with new silencers, which can reduce the noise by 5%. Engine isolator and improved door buffer can effectively reduce engine noise and equipment vibration. The position and wiring of the inclination sensor have been readjusted to avoid damage caused by the movement of the shear arm as much as possible. (this article is from jergie)

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