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Jieerjie participated in the "clearance action" to protect the safe travel of Shencheng

jieerjie participated in the "clearance action" to protect the safe travel of Shencheng

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October 15, 2018, Shanghai - recently, jieerjie (JLG), the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom fork loading, led its ultra series 1350sjp straight arm aerial work platform to participate in the "clearance action" in Shanghai, Assist in the maintenance and removal of billboards, light belts and other facilities with potential safety hazards outdoors in Shanghai, so as to provide guarantee for the safe travel of Shencheng citizens. The excellent performance of 1350sjp provides a safe, flexible and efficient technical support for the overall demolition work, which is better than the glass tube holder. It is an important strategic measure for jierjie to deeply cultivate China by comprehensively deepening the market segmentation, promoting the international advanced concept of safe aerial work, popularizing the application of aerial products in various fields, and leading the safe construction of China's construction industry

due to the frequent occurrence of extreme weather in the world in recent years, Shanghai has also ushered in a record number of typhoon phenomena. In only one month, Shencheng has been facing three typhoons. In order to prevent casualties caused by falling objects in typhoon days, jieerjie has cooperated with relevant local departments to carry out several "clearance operations" to assist in the management, maintenance and demolition of outdoor billboards, light belts and other facilities, providing a safe and efficient high-altitude operation solution for urban appearance construction projects. According to the construction party, in the demolition project of an outdoor billboard in Jinshan District, the billboard is difficult to handle because of its huge volume; The building unit with the billboard is located next to Jinshanzui seafood trading market. There are many bricks and other sundries piled around, and the traffic environment is extremely narrow, which is not suitable for the removal of equipment; In addition, the geographical location of the project is close to the Jinshan seaside, and the demolition work is vulnerable to sea breeze, which greatly increases the difficulty of demolition work. If the traditional crane, hanging basket and manual operation are used, the demolition can not be completed within the construction period, and it will also bring huge potential safety hazards to the construction. In view of the complexity and safety of the project, jierje has provided a comprehensive high-altitude operation solution for the customized software construction party responsible for the demolition work, and Hertz leasing has provided a jierje 1350sjp straight arm high-altitude operation platform for free to assist in the demolition and solve problems for the construction party. The demolisher needs to reach the position of the billboard to be demolished with the help of the high-altitude operation platform, cut and block the billboard, bind the cut billboard to the hook of the crane at high altitude, and command the crane to safely transport the block billboard to the inspection compression fixture and put it into the ground of the test piece to complete the demolition work

the picture shows the 1350sjp straight arm aerial work platform specially selected by the construction party for jierjie 1350sjp's work at the construction site. Because of its flexible and mobile characteristics, it can meet the challenges of the construction site and the operation requirements, effectively shorten the project construction progress, and provide a safe and efficient construction guarantee for the whole demolition work, which is praised by the construction party. The working height of the platform can reach 43.15 meters, and the maximum load can reach 454 kg, which can accommodate more operators and tools and equipment for cutting. The maximum horizontal extension distance of the platform can reach 24.38 meters, which can provide a wider range of operation for demolition work. Jibplus arm group design makes it convenient for operators to reach the space around the billboard where it is difficult to go deep for construction. Four wheel drive makes the platform have crab walking ability, which increases the trafficability of the platform in the narrow environment with many cars. The automatic leveling system ensures that the equipment will not be affected by the rugged road environment during high-altitude operation, and always maintain the platform level to ensure the safe construction of operators

manager Zhou, the person in charge of the demolition project, commented after the completion of the project construction: "using the jieerjie 1350sjp straight arm aerial work platform to replace the traditional crane manual aerial work mode has effectively improved the safety of construction. In addition, due to good mobility, the operator can locate or reset the construction site in the quickest way. Such a modern operation mode makes aerial work very safe and convenient."

Mr. Wu Xiaodao, marketing director of jieerjie Asia, added, "In order to build a safe and developing city, with the help of advanced high-altitude construction technology and product services, the completion of engineering construction projects more safely, efficiently and economically has become the focus of the high-altitude construction industry. As an industry-leading manufacturer of high-altitude work platforms, jieerjie will spare no effort to support and invest in urban reconstruction projects, and effectively promote the industry concept of safe operation of high-altitude work."

jieerjie 1350sjp won the most recognized product award in China's construction machinery industry in 2016 by virtue of its good reputation for long-term service to customers and its outstanding performance in China's high-speed railway construction and repair, Shanghai central construction and other projects in 2016. In addition to this star product, jieerjie also has a series of aerial work platform products with excellent performance, which can not only participate in the maximum experimental force at high altitude: 10kn20kn demolition project, but also be used in other urban construction and maintenance projects, such as traffic signal maintenance, urban appearance and environment rectification, bridge repair, etc. Jieerjie's products have been applied in all fields of urban planning and transformation. With outstanding high-altitude work products and services, it can meet the construction needs of different sites and projects, and make a modest contribution to China's urban construction and maintenance

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