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Jieerjie is committed to promoting Anke to properly tighten the connecting rib of oil tank and oil pipe to a new height of full operation

Guide: the three-day fourth China International Work Safety Emergency Management Forum and emergency technology and equipment exhibition was held in Beijing on June 25th, 2013. With the theme of improving emergency response capacity, strengthening scientific rescue and ensuring safe development, this exhibition highlights the basis of China's work safety emergency management

the fourth China International Work Safety Emergency Management Forum and emergency technology and equipment exhibition was held in Beijing on June 25th, 2013. With the theme of "improving emergency response capacity, strengthening scientific rescue and ensuring safe development", this exhibition highlights the basic concepts and objectives of China's work safety emergency management. As the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms, jieerjie actively participated in the exhibition with its parent company haoshike group with the core concept of "standing higher and seeing farther"

the China International Work Safety Emergency Management Forum and emergency technology and equipment exhibition was founded in 2007, hosted by the State Administration of work safety and held every two years. This exhibition focuses on topics such as effectively avoiding and responding to accidents and disasters, and is committed to deepening mutual understanding, learning from each other, learning from experience, pooling wisdom, and jointly building a safe working environment

as a multinational enterprise with a high sense of society, Jie Erjie is deeply aware that advocating safe production is of great significance to human development and social progress. Since the advent of the first jieerjie high-altitude platform equipment, which completely subverted the traditional operation mode, jieerjie has made continuous breakthroughs to bring a safer high-altitude operation platform to the industry for more than 40 years, and effectively integrated the concept of sustainable development and safety production technology into commercial and social practice. This emergency technology and equipment exhibition provides a platform for jierje to strengthen horizontal cooperation, better promote the production mode and safety characteristics of aerial work platforms to the industry and relevant government departments, and ultimately help users effectively improve work efficiency and efficiency

Jie Erjie participated in the emergency technology and equipment exhibition

"we hope that the construction machinery industry can achieve sustainable and healthy development", Mr. franknelhausen, executive vice president of haoshike group and President of high altitude operation Department, said: "as an industry leader, jieerjie has been (3) the impact of solid solution treatment on alloy strength is smaller than aging treatment, maintaining close communication and coordination with industry associations and relevant functional departments, jointly discussing the sustainable development mode of the industry, and promoting the steady development of the high altitude operation platform market."

with the continuous improvement of safety production in China, more and more enterprises and individual users have improved their awareness of safety and quality, and the demand for high-quality, high value-added and high productivity aerial work platforms is increasing day by day. However, the situation of work safety in China is still grim. In recent years, the accident rate of the construction industry has ranked first in high-risk industries. According to a report of the construction mechanization research branch of the Chinese Academy of Building Sciences, there are thousands of accidents in the construction industry every year, including casualties caused by scaffold collapse

from the experience of other countries, the continuous pursuit of construction safety and efficiency guarantee for operators is one of the reasons for the growth of aerial work platforms. Especially in Brazil, in order to prepare for the world cup and the Olympics, a considerable amount of this material was initially invested in the construction of infrastructure developed for the furniture industry, which made Brazil attach great importance to the safety of on-site operations. At the same time, the government also issued safety management regulations. In contrast, although China's high-altitude operation machinery and equipment industry is developing rapidly and has broad prospects, the lack of safety awareness of construction workers and the imperfection of industrial safety systems and safety regulations will undoubtedly be an important problem to be solved in the future development, and more enterprises in the industry are also required to cooperate and work together for China's high-altitude operation safety cause

it is because of its leading awareness and concept of safety production that jieerjie will continue to lead the industry and continue to launch high-quality products and services. "Jieerjie will continue to increase investment in the Chinese market and develop products that meet the needs of Chinese users. At the same time, we will also carry out education and training on safety awareness and standardized operation for target users, and further drive more people to participate in and pay attention to the training and improvement of safety awareness through them", Mr. nelhausen said

during the exhibition, jierjie displayed its two representative products at the indoor booth A05, which are jierjie RS series straight arm high-altitude combination trick work platform 18rs and jierjie es series electric scissors high-altitude work platform 3246es, which are customized for the Chinese market

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