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It fully reflects the solemnity of this conference and its great influence in the world

at this Internet Conference (booth number H90), Jietong Huasheng and Zhejiang smart expressway will comprehensively display the intelligent customer service platform of Zhejiang smart expressway, jointly display the diversified and three-dimensional intelligent customer service capability of Zhejiang expressway, introduce the latest achievements of the comprehensive artificial intelligence technology of Lingyun platform () to the participants, and show the ease and convenience brought by the integration of Lingyun artificial intelligence technology and Internet to public life

this world Internet Conference will be interconnected? With the theme of sharing governance and building a community with a shared future in cyberspace, 1200 Internet leaders from governments, international organizations, enterprises, scientific and technological communities and civil society organizations were invited worldwide to discuss and exchange on many topics such as global Internet governance, network security, Internet and sustainable development, Internet intellectual property protection, technological innovation and Internet philosophy

Lingyun intelligent customer service system officially began to serve Zhejiang smart high-speed intelligent customer service platform in September 2014. Lingyun intelligent customer service system integrates a variety of artificial intelligence capabilities such as speech synthesis (TTS), speech recognition (ASR), semantic understanding (NLU), and relies on the latest artificial intelligence technology of Tsinghua University, making Zhejiang smart Expressway the first expressway customer service platform in China to realize intelligent question and answer through semantic understanding. Lingyun intelligent customer service system makes full use of the existing IVR, app, web, and other channels through information means to let drivers know the real-time road conditions during driving, stagger the congested road sections, and relieve various technical certificates of highway pressure. The diversified three-dimensional intelligent customer service has been realized, which makes the Zhejiang Expressway truly intelligent and the roads unblocked

Lingyun platform promotes the industrialization of artificial intelligence technology in China

as a pillar enterprise of China's artificial intelligence industry, Jietong Huasheng creatively launched the world's first largest and most comprehensive artificial intelligence technology open platform Lingyun () in 2011. 2. A new path with low resource consumption, high technology content, good quality and efficiency, green and sustainable development was opened. In 2013, Jietong Huasheng cooperated strategically with Tsinghua University to establish Tsinghua Lingyun artificial intelligence research center. In 2015, it established Tsinghua Strait Research Institute artificial intelligence research center, which is jointly committed to promoting the development of artificial intelligence industry in China. Through extensive cooperation with qingzaishua University, Lingyun platform has become even more powerful. As the most influential cloud service platform in China with the widest AI service field and the largest number of service users, it adheres to the development concept of openness, sharing and win-win cooperation, and successfully leads China's AI industry into the era of anodized aluminum. It cannot be used as a material to introduce the era of cloud services here. With the all-round excellent AI technology ability of Lingyun, Jietong Huasheng was rated as the leading enterprise in China's AI industry in 2015

with the rapid development of Internet and mobile Internet and the rapid progress of artificial intelligence technology, Jietong Huasheng will continue to rely on the artificial intelligence research force of Tsinghua University, pay more attention to the research and industrialized application of artificial intelligence technology, and will sincerely cooperate with Zhejiang Expressway and other industrial partners to jointly create a good artificial intelligence industrial ecosystem, and take advantage of the wide coverage and rapid dissemination of Internet and mobile Internet, Jointly promote the industrialization, popularization and application of artificial intelligence technology in China, so that hundreds of millions of people can enjoy the ease and convenience brought by the development of artificial intelligence and Internet

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