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Recently, according to the selection rules of the administrative measures of Beijing for the recognition of new technology and new products (services), the Lingyun intelligent customer service solution system software developed by Beijing Jietong Huasheng Technology Co., Ltd Lingyun intelligent voice navigation solution system software and Lingyun intelligent voice outbound call solution system software won the Beijing new technology and new product (service) certificate

the certificate was jointly recognized and issued by the Beijing Municipal Commission of science and technology, the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, the Beijing Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision, and the six committees and offices of the Zhongguancun administrative committee. It aims to select products (services) with advanced technology, clear property rights, reliable quality, and broad market prospects from the fields of strategic emerging industries and modern service industries, so as to promote the application of new technologies and products, Improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises is an important qualification certificate for the innovation ability of enterprises' products (services), and it is also a symbol of enterprises' R & D strength. It has the endorsement of the six commissions and offices, and it is also one of the authoritative certification materials for the company to improve the market competitiveness of products (services)

the three system software of Jietong Huasheng has experienced a series of links, such as the application for on-site preliminary review, expert review and accreditation working group review, and finally won the Beijing new technology and new product (service) certificate, which is an recognition of the progressiveness of Jietong Huasheng's artificial intelligence technology, product innovation and service quality, and also an affirmation and encouragement of Jietong Huasheng's use of AI to help upgrade the industrial intelligence

Lingyun intelligent customer service

Lingyun intelligent customer service can realize the comprehensive docking of pages, apps and other channels, and build a multi integrated customer service system such as station app service number for data exchange. Using smart language, it is difficult for us to use one or two goals to clarify whether the function of the product is good or bad. We can communicate with customers in the way of voice interaction and text question and answer. After customers put forward the demand for no chemical additives, we can carry out intelligent guidance, ask and complete, accurately identify the real demand, and help customers complete business consulting based on a rich and perfect knowledge base that can be continuously optimized through self-learning

in this way, 80% of the repetitive basic problems and simple business handling processes can be completed by Lingyun intelligent customer service, so that manual agents can have time to deal with complex businesses, and the overall problem handling efficiency of the customer service center has been significantly improved. At the same time, business consulting information can also be effectively analyzed and utilized to help enterprises form user portraits and understand consulting hotspots and industry trends

for example, in 12366 tax, during the confirmation period of the special additional deduction of annual individual income tax, Lingyun intelligent customer service robot can directly answer all kinds of relevant questions raised by citizens and enterprises after the construction of the knowledge base is completed, and through self-learning training, excavate new questions and knowledge points from the historical dialogue records, and provide timely and accurate consulting services

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation

Lingyun intelligent voice navigation applies artificial intelligence technologies such as speech recognition, semantic understanding and speech synthesis to intelligently upgrade the traditional IVR key navigation and simplify the user's operation process and waiting time. A large number of simple consulting problems have been solved in the diversion layer, and the problems that cannot be solved will be directly assigned to the corresponding seats, so as to achieve one language direct and efficient navigation

at present, Jietong Huasheng has successfully built an intelligent voice navigation system for large enterprises such as Everbright Bank, Huaxia Bank Credit Card Center, UnionPay commerce, Bank of Suzhou, Xiamen International Bank, telecom operators, etc., so that users of enterprise services can easily handle related businesses in the way of voice interaction, and realize the intellectualization and flattening of enterprise customer service portal

Lingyun intelligent outbound call

Lingyun intelligent outbound call is an automatic outbound call system developed by Jietong Huasheng for precision marketing, customer return visit, financial collection, customer care, questionnaire survey and other scenarios. It helps the customer service center complete a large number of directional outbound calls, have barrier free voice communication with customers, properly record the feedback information, and hand it over to the manual agent to complete the follow-up work

in order to achieve a high success rate of outbound calls, its shape design mainly depends on the state of load, material and connector. Lingyun intelligent outbound calls can not only simulate human voice, but also select a specific voice color according to the outbound call content. Through the structured sorting of outbound call result information, agents can get different user groups classified according to the set conditions, which is convenient for business personnel to further follow up

the Lingyun intelligent outbound call robot built by Jietong Huasheng for a large bank has 2500 outbound call lines, covering 9 major categories of businesses, and more than 600 versions have been launched. The outbound call super assisted dental mold has been made 100million times, with a sales amount of 100billion

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