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Fulette signed a contract to sell 59gw photovoltaic calendered glass for modules

fulette annual performance forecast

on the evening of December 29, fulette's latest announcement that its performance more than doubled was due to the strong demand of the photovoltaic market. The agency said that the supply of photovoltaic glass and electronic universal experimental machine glass is difficult to change in the short term, and the price will continue to be high

in fact, benefiting from the sharp increase in photovoltaic installed capacity, the effective capacity of photovoltaic glass is tight, and the contradiction between supply and demand has led to its price rising all the time. According to photovoltaic information, the epidemic in 2020 led to a mismatch between supply and demand of photovoltaic glass. In November, the price of mainstream 3.2mm photovoltaic glass rose to about 42 yuan/square meter, an increase of about 79% over July

previously, the new production capacity of photovoltaic glass was proposed to be changed from filing to hearing, and the market was worried about the liberalization of production capacity and disorderly competition in the industry. TanQian of Guohai Securities believes that there is no need to worry too much, and there are the following logic:

(1) this liberalization is still based on advanced technology and the dominant level of energy consumption and environmental protection. There is a technical threshold for calendering glass itself, which is not completely liberalized

(2) photovoltaic glass has a long production expansion cycle, and it is expected that the glass price will return to reasonable in the future. It is difficult to stop production after the kiln is ignited (except for cold repair), and "rational" entrants will also carefully consider it

(3) the leading manufacturers of photovoltaic glass have obvious cost leadership and an expanding trend. They are optimistic about the logic of increasing their long-term market share

he Zhaohui of Shenzhen Hong Kong Securities believes that photovoltaic glass is a high-quality track with the alpha attribute of the double-sided double glass trend superimposed under the current photovoltaic boom beta market. In 2021, photovoltaic officially entered the era of parity, and the emphasis on cost increased. The advantages of double-sided components in power generation gain have gradually been valued by the market. Due to the long construction cycle of the original production capacity and the limited project indicators, although the production capacity replacement policy has been liberalized, the state of short supply of photovoltaic glass is difficult to change in the short term, and the price will continue to be high

"fetscher said

announcement of contract signing

on the evening of December 30, photovoltaic glass giant Follett announced that the company signed a contract to sell 59gw modules while holding down the setting key without using photovoltaic calendered glass, totaling about 338million square meters

the buyer of this contract is Jingke energy. The other party will purchase a total of 59gw (about 338million square meters) of photovoltaic calendered glass for modules from the seller fulette within three years from November 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023

Follett said that the signing of this agreement is conducive to the market promotion of the company's photovoltaic calendered glass products, increase the sales volume of photovoltaic calendered glass, and further improve the business performance. The actual impact on the current performance is subject to the amount of orders specifically signed under this agreement. The main business of the company will not rely on the parties to the agreement due to the performance of this agreement, which will not affect the business independence of the company

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