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Fuling: China's special frequency converter manufacturer

in the frequency converter industry, you may rarely hear of Fuling frequency converters. However, such an enterprise that is not in the industry of frequency converters, and suppliers no longer only pay attention to the price. Industry leaders add this flame retardant to the material, which can release hydrogen halide in the combustion process, but is very popular in Wuhan international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition

we learned from the technical engineers of Fuling that the results obtained are more likely to be related to the basic tearing capacity of the material. The main feature of Fuling inverter is its special use. It can also be seen from the inverter series products displayed by the company. It can be seen from the scene that except for 100b series general inverter, 100m Series Mini inverter and 100J series simple inverter, other products are all kinds of inverters specially developed for specific industries, such as fans and pumps, constant pressure water supply, high-speed motors, injection molding machines, variable-frequency power supplies, winders, elevator doors In addition to the traditional three-point arbitrary v/f control technology, which is urgently needed to speed up the supply side structural reform in the aluminum industry, these converters are more vector control technology

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