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Fuling power shares in the 600000 ton PTA project of Pengwei petrochemical

Chongqing Fuling Power Industry Co., Ltd. recently announced that the initial capital raised by Fuling power of 38million yuan could have reduced greenhouse gas emissions. It plans to establish Chongqing Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd. to invest in the software and hardware project of meter reading system. However, for various reasons, Guanghua technology plans to change the investment direction of the raised funds to participate in the construction of 600000 tons of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) project of Chongqing Pengwei Petrochemical Co., Ltd

, Pengwei petrochemical construction project with an annual output of 600000 tons of purified terephthalic acid (PTA) has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission. The total investment of the project is planned to be 1.987 billion yuan, and Guanghua technology plans to invest 40million yuan, of which 38million yuan is planned to be invested with raised funds and 2million yuan is invested with its own funds, accounting for 6.7% of the registered principal of the project. The project is located near Longqiao power plant in Fuling District, Chongqing. The newly acquired land covers an area of 8 hectares in 2006. The construction scale is a PTA production device and auxiliary production facilities with an annual output of 600000 tons. The annual operation time is 7600 hours, the hourly output is 79 tons, and the operation flexibility is 70% - 110%

it is reported that purified p-benzoic acid (PTA) is the main raw material for polyester production, which is widely used in chemical fiber, container, packaging, film and other production fields. For a long time, PTA, the raw material of polyester in China, mainly depends on imports, and the contradiction between supply and demand in the market is prominent, which has a good investment prospect

source of information: Sinochem

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