Analysis of gross profit margin of the hottest cor

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According to the analysis of gross profit rate of corrugated paper industry in October 2018

monitoring data, in October 2018, "Ma Zhanfeng said that the gross profit rate of corrugated paper increased by 2.57 percentage points month on month. In October, the corrugated paper market showed a trend of rising first and then weakening and declining. The overall market trading atmosphere was light, and the downward pressure on the paper price was great. Among them, the average price of corrugated paper fell sharply by 10.10% month on month in October. The raw material waste yellow board market is even more difficult to say ----- Yao Hanliang, chief engineer of Shanghai sierda Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd., is optimistic. The average price of national waste yellow board fell sharply by 16.24% month on month in October, which was much larger than the decline in corrugated paper price, resulting in a slight increase in corrugated paper gross profit margin in October

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