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Fred instruments is here to give the grand prize again

a set of exquisite knives is an indispensable factor in home life. A handy kitchen knife will make cooks handy. The cut dishes not only sell, but also meet various cooking needs

is it what you think of shuangliren knives with top German steel and technology

have a chance ~

in 2019, Verde instrument superhero gives you a good gift, a good knife - shuangliren knife

as the leading instrument manufacturer in Germany, it has been committed to helping Chinese laboratory workers improve efficiency and solve difficult problems in sample pretreatment. In recent years, in order to encourage researchers from all walks of life, Jinan testing machine factory, how to adjust the error of testing machines to participate in the discussion and development of our sample pretreatment scheme, Verde instruments has specially held a superhero lottery! From July to December 2019, all those who participate in Fuld instrument lectures, exhibitions or contacts will have the opportunity to win awards

the monthly prizes are different. You can get Huiren juicer, Shuangli injection speed is faster, then the shrinkage rate is small. You can get tools, beauty cameras, gold bars, imported rice cookers, air purifiers, etc

at the highlight moment, the winners shine on the stage

Mr. Hu Jin of Hekou Institute of China Normal University, a handsome boy who participated in the brand training of Verde instruments Retsch Technology (Leichi Technology), received a lucky knife! The estuarine Institute of China Normal University is mainly engaged in applied basic research on estuarine and coastal areas. By using high-tech means, we will deeply study the physical processes, chemical processes, biological processes, geological processes in the estuarine and coastal areas, as well as the interaction between these processes and the impact of global change and human activities on these processes, enrich and develop the theoretical system of estuarine and coastal disciplines with Chinese characteristics, and serve the sustainable development of resources development, major engineering construction, environmental protection and social economy in China's coastal areas

the research association requires particle size and shape analysis of sediment in estuaries and coasts. The multifunctional particle size and shape analyzer camsizer x2 of Retsch Tec safety function technology (letch Technology) is a professional measuring instrument for solid particles, such as particle size, sphericity, concavity and convexity. Different from other particle size analysis techniques, such as laser particle sizer or optical microscope, camsizer x2 can obtain analysis results with excellent reproducibility in a wide dynamic particle size range. It can not only accurately analyze particle size, but also give useful information about particle size morphology (such as sphericity, aspect ratio), and has a high resolution for the detection of "too large" particles with small content

don't envy. You also have a chance. Come and participate in the Super Hero Award of Verde instruments. More surprise awards are waiting for you to receive

n prize preview

gold bars, shuangliren knives, digital cameras, air purifiers, advanced rice cookers, all here for you to draw

n activity rules

1 From now on, you can participate in the lottery by filling in the feedback form after visiting the lectures/exhibitions/academic conferences/laboratories of Verde instruments

2. The lottery time is from July 2019 to December 2019. Each month, 1 Grand Prize and 10 lucky prizes will be drawn each time

list of winners in August

Grand Prize (one)

hu * 139****3697

lucky prize (ten)

Yang * 138*****1122

Jiao * * 135****1745

Xu * * 138****1924

Xiao * 180****4325

Yu * * 137*****9427

Li * 183*****5819

Wu * * 135**.**7723

Wang * * 158****9678

Chen * 13 performance and requirements tested according to the needs of flexible packaging film 5****1098

pan * * 177****9603

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