The hottest fully biodegradable polymer composites

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Fully biodegradable polymer composites successfully developed

National University of defense technology successfully developed fully biodegradable polymer composites. This technology is a national invention patent, which can provide you with good after-sales service at any time. It uses polycaprolactone with good biodegradation as the basic raw material, and after chemical modification, it improves the temperature resistance of polycaprolactone (temperature resistance is increased from 70 ℃ to more than 100 ℃), improves the mechanical properties and molding processing properties of polycaprolactone, and has excellent compatibility with other materials, It can be mixed with all kinds of natural sub materials with 114 cycles of changing the spring of the car seat to the maximum angle according to the requirements of the treatment index, which is more than 15000 times, so as to produce polymer materials with complete biodegradability. Using the method of natural fiber reinforcement, composite materials and products with complete biodegradation can be manufactured by strengthening modified polycaprolactone and other polymers with complete biodegradation. This biodegradable plastic is mainly used in production and life fields that cannot or is difficult to reuse and recycle, such as food packaging and containers (high-precision disposable tableware, packaging film, bags, etc.) Industrial packaging materials (such as packaging of electronic products), sanitary products (paper diapers, etc.) and daily necessities, groceries (such as garbage bags, credit cards), in addition, they can also be used for agricultural and aquatic materials (agricultural film, fishing in the future, etc.), civil construction materials and other environmental protection composite materials and products, as well as medical appliances and other fields. The project conforms to the national industrial policy, with a large market and broad prospects

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