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development history of fully automatic bottle blowing technology

in the early 1990s, large-scale domestic bottle blowing manufacturers mainly used imported one-step bottle blowing machines, such as those in Japan and Italy. Small scale users basically used semi-automatic bottle blowing machines (commonly known as "earth machines"), and the main manufacturers were concentrated in Huangyan, Zhejiang Province. Imported bottle blowing equipment basically has a development history of decades, and the technology is relatively mature, but the price is expensive

domestic semi-automatic bottle blowing machines are cheap, but the degree of automation is low. Generally, low-pressure compressed air is used for blow molding. The plasticity of bottle shape is poor, and the weight requirement of bottle blank is high

since the late 1990s, large-scale bottle manufacturers still mainly use imported high-speed bottle blowing machines, but more use two-step rotary bottle blowing machines, such as France Sidel company and Germany Krones company. The imported equipment is developing towards high-speed, the performance is gradually stable, and the price is relatively high. At this time, small-scale users have adopted the improved semi-automatic bottle blowing machine. At this time, the technology of the semi-automatic bottle blowing machine has been greatly improved, and the high-pressure compressed air blow molding has been introduced, which has improved the molding quality, but the degree of automation is still relatively backward. At present, domestic bottle blowing equipment manufacturers with strong strength have begun to develop fully automatic rotary bottle blowing machines, striving to make breakthroughs in efficiency, energy consumption, automation, sanitation, bottle weight and so on

with the intensification of market competition? The full-automatic bottle blowing equipment with high cost performance will become the leading factor of competitiveness. The domestic full-automatic bottle blowing technology has developed rapidly, and the equipment performance is also trustworthy. With its price and continuously improved technical advantages, the domestic full-automatic bottle blowing machine has begun to impact the medium and high-end import market

type of automatic bottle blowing equipment

the development process of automatic bottle blowing machine has experienced two stages: one-step and two-step

the one-step bottle blowing machine is a process that completes the injection, drawing and blowing processes in one machine. Its representative models are generally considered to be Aoki Gu in Japan, AsAb in Japan and SIPA in Italy. The advantage of one-step method is that there is no intermediate link pollution and the machine integration is high; The disadvantages are large one-time investment, high cost and long time to replace the bottle type, which affects the production efficiency

Nissin ASB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the injection, drawing and blow molding machine industry. With 30 years of professional experience, they have made breakthroughs in hot filling bottles such as mineral water bottles, tea drinks, oil bottles, pharmaceutical packaging bottles, cosmetic bottles and other fields. Because the traditional two-step bottle blowing process has too many links, which will cause unnecessary pollution, the one-step bottle blowing equipment developed by Nissin ASB is very suitable for the application in the field of medicine packaging and cosmetics packaging

the two-step bottle blowing machine separates injection molding and stretch blowing on two machines: the first step is to inject the bottle blank with the injection molding machine, and the second step is to reheat the bottle blank at room temperature and stretch blow it into a bottle. France Sidel and Germany Krones are the representatives of two-step rotary equipment. The advantages of the two-step method are small one-time investment, low cost, short time and high production efficiency; The disadvantage is that additional injection molding equipment is required. The two-step bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing thermoplastic hollow containers with pet, PP and PC as raw materials, and is widely used in the production of plastic containers such as beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, medicine bottles, cosmetics bottles and oil bottles

France Sidel is a leader in the field of two-step rotary bottle blowing machines. With more than 20 years of professional experience, it has become the professional bottle blowing manufacturer with the highest market share in the international market. At present, almost 70% of the world's beverage bottles come from Sidel's bottle blowing equipment. In June, 2003, the 53000bph high-speed rotary two-step bottle blowing machine developed by Sidel company was successfully launched into the market, once again driving the rapid development of bottle blowing technology

development status of bottle blowing technology in China

through these ways, we can meet the requirements of different experimental frequencies. After more than ten years of development, China's pet bottle manufacturing industry has formed two major sectors: professional bottle blowing enterprises and beverage enterprises. In terms of professional pet bottle production enterprises, a number of large professional bottle making enterprise groups led by Zhuhai Zhongfu and Shanghai Zijiang have been formed, focusing on supporting packaging for Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and other companies; In terms of beverage enterprises, large beverage enterprises led by Wahaha, robust and Master Kong have purchased a large number of PET bottle production equipment and made PET bottles by themselves to provide packaging support for their products

with the development of beverage packaging industry and the increasingly mature bottle blowing technology in China, many domestic enterprises committed to the research and development of bottle blowing equipment have made considerable progress. Next, we will take the development process of bottle blowing technology of daylong group, a representative of domestic bottle blowing machinery suppliers, as an example to show the current development level of bottle blowing technology in China

daylong Group invested a lot of money in the research and development of fully automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine. After three years of unremitting efforts, the company's first and China's first fully automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine rjm8 was successfully born in 2001! This technology belongs to the national torch plan project. The successful research and development of rjm8 has filled the gap in the Chinese market in this field, ending the long history of China's full-automatic bottle blowing machine relying on imports

domestic lithium ore resources are mainly located in Sichuan, Xinjiang, Jiangxi and other places. With the successful development of rjm8, daylong seized the opportunity in time and continued to explore this leading technology. In 2001, it began to develop rjm10. By the beginning of 2003, it completed the research and development of rjm10, an upgraded product of rjm8, in just two years. Compared with rjm8, rjm10 has added two bottle blowing mold cavities, and the output of single cavity has also increased from 850bph to 1200bph. The whole machine control system of the equipment has been significantly improved, the safe operation time has been significantly increased, and the energy consumption has been further reduced

after three years of hard work, daylong has launched the second generation of rjm10 and the third generation of rjm10 bottle blowing machines. A number of tests have been added to the equipment, and the latest international technology blowing valve has been adopted, making rjm10 a qualitative leap in stability and bottle blowing efficiency through statistical estimation

in 2004, with the joint efforts of Coca Cola company, Dayelong completed the improvement and upgrading of rjm10 Series III, and the output of bottle blowing single chamber was increased to 1400bpc. The application of high-efficiency solenoid valve saved the consumption of compressed air, accurately controlled the blow molding process, and its multi-point monitoring design ensured the continuity of main business income to reach 1.4 trillion yuan, greatly reducing the scrap rate. The new design of mold sleeve, mold and heating head shortens the time of replacing the mold. With the improvement and promotion of these technologies, Dayron's fully automatic rotary PET bottle blowing machine is at the leading level in the field of beverage packaging in the world

pet bottle packaging has become the most popular beverage packaging form in the world. With the continuous development of China's beverage industry, the development of bottle blowing machinery will be more rapid. It is believed that in the near future, the level of bottle blowing machinery in China will be greatly improved in terms of higher speed, more stability, lower cost and energy saving

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