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The full servo series packaging machine has passed the expert appraisal

at present, the pillow packaging machine produced in China usually adopts micro motor control, and balances the mechanical transmission system through frequency conversion technology to realize the completion of feeding, film supply and sealing and cutting processes. This kind of machine often has some difficult problems in control accuracy, product adjustment, mechanical failure and production noise

this point has great practical significance. Therefore, Beijing Dasen Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced international advanced servo control technology and developed se-5000 series full servo pillow packaging machine. The machine uses three AC servo motors to directly control the three-axis linkage of material transmission, film supply and sealing and cutting. It not only greatly simplifies the traditional mechanical transmission system, improves the control accuracy of the equipment, reduces mechanical failures, reduces production noise, but also shortens the adjustment time of changing products of the conventional electronic universal data experimental machine, and greatly saves packaging materials. In addition, the servo control system can also accurately sense the abnormal conditions in the T, and automatically take corresponding protective measures, which greatly improves the safety of equipment and operators

on April 13, 2005, the Chinese society of food science and technology organized an expert committee to evaluate the series of packaging machines introduced and developed by Dasen company, as well as zd-3500 integrator and m-5700g-bx series packaging machines. Through the on-the-spot investigation of the company and its equipment, the experts listened carefully to the manufacturer's product introduction, and carefully reviewed the relevant documents submitted by the manufacturer. After careful discussion, they agreed that the servo series packaging machine of Dasen company is a technical improvement of the traditional packaging machine, overcomes the inherent defects of the mechanical transmission packaging machine, has a high degree of automation, and fills the domestic gap

Dasen company not only invited four well-known domestic industry newspapers and periodicals with fierce competition, but also invited representatives of well-known flour products enterprises such as Hualong Riqing, Master Kang, Guangdong Jinfeng, Henan SMETE to attend the evaluation meeting, but also invited authoritative Chinese plastic machinery enterprises in the same industries as R.J. people's machine factory and Dahua flour machine. Over the years, Chinese plastic machinery enterprises have expanded their participation in the evaluation meeting of scholars and Experts and senior people from user enterprises agree that only by working hard to improve the degree of product automation and product quality can China's food machinery and packaging machinery adapt to the rapid development of China's food industry and win a place in the competition of international advanced food machinery and packaging machinery

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