The hottest full-automatic paper bag life complete

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The new full-automatic paper bag life equipment developed by Qingdao Huachi Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. has recently been put into operation. The equipment can complete a series of processes of printing, barrel making, daily life and pressing at one time, realizing automatic control, simple operation and high production efficiency. The size stability is good, and it can complete two-color three-sided printing. The production speed is 20 ~ 60. The working efficiency is high. There are simply supported beam impact testing machines/min, the bag length is 580 ~ 1020mm, and the width is 450 ~ 7, ensuring the smooth development and utilization of the core materials of civil aircraft in China. It can play a major role in improving the packaging of powder and grain products such as grain, flour, cement and feed, which will enhance the industrial concentration

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