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The full-automatic industrial circulating water treatment equipment came out

recently, Shijiazhuang lvjie innovation group prepared to standardize the listing of energy-saving technology Co., Ltd. to solve the problems of a large number of harmful substances such as bacteria, organic matter and heavy metals in the water body and the hard water quality, it successfully developed a full-automatic water processor. The equipment uses pure physical methods to improve water quality, does not add any chemicals, and will not cause secondary pollution of water bodies. It is an efficient, safe and brand-new water treatment technology and equipment

after the equipment improves the activity of water molecules through micro electrolysis, it enters the second process to generate a large number of highly active oxidizing substances and kill diseases in water. It is an ideal sample in the low-temperature impact experiment of metal data. Cooling and thermal insulation equipment are easy to wear bacteria, oxidize highly carcinogenic and teratogenic organics in water, and remove heavy metal ions and calcium and magnesium plasma in water through micro electrodeposition and micro flotation flocculation, Finally, the goal of comprehensively improving water quality is achieved

the successful development of this equipment has completely improved the disadvantages of chemical water treatment, solved the three major problems of scaling, corrosion and microbial sludge in circulating water, extended the service life of the equipment, improved the heat exchange efficiency and concentration multiple, reduced energy consumption, treated the circulating cooling water from the root, made zero emission a reality, and achieved the purposes of green environmental protection, water conservation and consumption reduction. The equipment has the advantages of environmental protection, safety, high efficiency, low investment cost, long service life and low operation cost. It is suitable for industrial circulating cooling water in thermal power generation, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, steel making, rubber, chlor alkali, synthetic ammonia, urea and other fields

at present, China's industrial circulating water includes chemical dosing method, final desalination method, high concentration ratio reagent method, ion exchange desalination method and reverse osmosis method, but it either causes secondary pollution or the cost is too high to achieve zero discharge

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