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Analysis of the global plastic machinery market under the situation of economic recession

the current global economic situation is very severe. Among the uncertainties, it is certain that the world economic recession caused by the international financial crisis will be prolonged. The impact of this international situation has also affected the global plastic industry, resulting in a general slump in the plastic machine market. At a time when the public generally believed that the plastic market was about to fall into a deep valley, many large international plastic machine enterprises have made statements that they were optimistic about the plastic machine market under the economic recession

at present, the global plastic market has gradually warmed up with the market in 2010, and the large percentage increase has made plastic enterprises optimistic about the plastic machinery industry. According to statistics, the total export volume of plastic machinery in Europe reached 703million euros in 2010, an increase of 23.9% over the same period in 2009. We conclude from the diversified extrusion market in North America in 2011 that although the economic recession has led to the weakening of the demand for plastic materials in some products, the prospects of building materials and other markets are still optimistic

large international enterprises all believe that the prospect of the plastic machine industry is promising. First, Davis standard extrusion system group

"in the fourth quarter of 2010, our order demand increased significantly, and this year, the order index is still strong." Jim Murphy, President of Davis standard extrusion system group, said, "we have laid a solid customer base during 2010. Although the sales of wire and cable coating production lines have declined, other building materials customers are looking for new technologies to improve the performance of their products, which is good news for us."

at present, housing construction in the United States is still weak, and high unemployment and foreclosure policies have further reduced house prices. The decline of the situation does not affect the development of plastic related markets in the right direction. According to the National Association of home builders, headquartered in Washington, D.C., housing starts in the United States will increase in 2012, and the increase may be as high as 37% in 2013

second, Dave Lawrence, head of miracron, Cincinnati, said that the global building materials market is slowly recovering

"in the construction industry, we have many customers, and their operations can decline to a certain extent due to the economic situation. However, according to the new survey report, the overall development level this year is slightly higher than that of last year, which is a good trend. Our sales performance has significantly improved compared with 2010." Lawrence, President of injection and extrusion mold department of miracron, Cincinnati, said

III. Klaus mafi company

on the one hand, paulcaprio, the head of Klaus mafi company, also agreed. "At present, the demand for polyethylene pipes made of oil and natural gas in Florence and Kentucky in the United States has increased significantly, while other construction products are also booming. In Klaus mafi, any business income related to housing is close to zero, but the huge demand for polyethylene pipes has brought us considerable income."

IV. RB Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

the business situation of various products of Rb Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Michigan is very good. Al Hodge, its president, said, "the overall market in 2011 was very good, and the sales of our small extruder equipment and large line corrugated polyethylene pipe production equipment were unexpected. We have prepared for the market in 2012."

v. ashaway RI

ashaw Xingda foam plastic, an enterprise of single screw extruder, has successfully carried out a large-scale experiment of 30m3. Ay RI belongs to kuona company of the United States. David citron, its vice president of sales and marketing, said ashaway 4 The minimum reading value of torque: 0.01nm. The overall development of 0.1nmri has returned to the level before the economic recession. A report that did not disclose specific financial figures showed that its sales in 2011 increased by 20% compared with 2010. "The medical market is a very promising market for us," David citron said. "We have many new products that can promote our business development and sales growth in the medical field. At the same time, we have also found many broad industrial markets, such as the automobile market."

VI. deltaplast Machinery Co., Ltd.

Canada has not experienced the same real estate market collapse as the United States. "From the perspective of the overall construction sector, the Canadian market demand is still quite strong. Dirk Koch, vice president of deltaplast Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Ontario, Canada, said: "Our customer base has been relatively stable in the United States, but in Canada, many long-term customers we have have have very strong demand. Some customers postpone production projects, which shows that customers are full of uncertainty about the current economy. Machinery enterprises are a little worried in this regard."

analysis of the global plastic machinery market

the survey results released by the American industrial market research company show that the global plastic processing equipment market scale will increase at an average annual rate of 3.5% in the future. At present, the sales prospects of plastic machinery and equipment in China, India and Russia are promising; Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions will also increase their demand for plastic machinery and equipment thanks to steady economic development and continuous industrialization

I. product type

from the perspective of product type, it is expected that the global demand for extrusion equipment will exceed that of other types of plastic processing equipment. With the differentiation of various regions in the fields of natural gas, liquefied natural gas, coal and other raw materials, the continuous development of the construction market has driven the demand for extruded products such as pipelines and siding, and thus promoted the growth of the global demand for extrusion equipment

II. Regional development

from the perspective of regional development, on the one hand, the European plastic machine industry attaches great importance to innovation and has a strong potential for development. Half of the global plastic machine industry's exports come from Europe every year. In terms of the export market of European plastic machines, the United States still accounts for 12.2% of the market share, and is still the most important export market, followed by China (8.9%), Russia (6.1%), France (4.8%), Turkey (4.1%), Poland (3.9%), Italy (3.7%), Spain (3.2%), Britain (3.0%) and Switzerland (3.0%)

the rubber plastic equipment in Europe has a good reputation in the industry by using the control oil circuit to open the one-way valve, and has always been known for its high quality and precision. According to the European rubber and plastic processing machinery association, high output, less defective products, timely delivery, long product life and short delivery cycle are the main advantages of European rubber and plastic processing machinery manufacturers, and these advantages can effectively reduce production costs. At the same time, European machinery manufacturers have invested a lot of resources in the research and development of new technologies, including new suction technologies and innovative driving concepts. It is reported that more than 45% of the patents in the world are owned by Europeans

III. potential market

Africa will become another emerging potential market for plastic machinery. At present, many well-known manufacturers, including Dingkun, Fengming, Juyan, ruimeng, Taiwan gilnai, etc., are actively using the latest developed bag blowing machine, plastic bag printing machine, plastic injection mold and other models, through France's influence on French speaking countries such as northwest Africa and West Africa, to attack emerging markets such as Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and so on. Although the economy of Africa is relatively backward, its plastic industry is also in its infancy. However, in the long run, Africa is indeed pregnant with a large plastic machinery market, which will also become the focus of competition among major rubber and plastic equipment manufacturers

French rubber and plastic machinery manufacturers have gradually developed the market in this field. The annual sales amount of French rubber and plastic machinery is about 1.9 billion US dollars, ranking fourth in the world after Japan, the United States and Germany. According to insiders, African countries have an urgent demand for bag blowing machines for producing plastic bags. In South Africa, due to foreign investment in automobile factories, there is a certain demand for plastic ejectors, which is worthy of manufacturers to strengthen development

conclusion: as countries around the world are increasing measures to promote the economy out of the haze of the financial crisis, the consumption demand and output of plastic products will continue to grow. The current situation shows that the continuous development of the global construction market has driven the demand for extruded products such as pipes and wallboards, and thus promoted the growth of global demand for extrusion equipment

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