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Full spectrum LED desk lamp is favored by white-collar workers


full spectrum LED desk lamp is favored by white-collar workers

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full spectrum LED desk lamp is favored by white-collar workers

2 The second is the ball screw, which drives the motion of the sensor. The LED eye protection table lamps we provide are high-quality eye protection table lamps that are popular in Japan

a good eye protection table lamp generally needs to meet the following points:

1 The spectrum should be close to natural light. The closer the spectrum is to sunlight, the more eye-friendly the desk lamp is

2. Adopt the power supply without stroboscopic and through EMC and EMI certification

3 Low glare design

4 In line with the national AA illumination standard

irodori plus table lamp produced by Odin, bedroom bedside lamp can be selected from the following aspects


desk lamp the lighting effect of the bedside eye protection lamp in the bedroom should be bright and mild. If you like reading before going to bed, the dim light will make you sleepy

light and shade

desk lamp the hue of the bedside eye protection lamp in the bedroom should be soft. Full spectrum LED desk lamp is mainly in warm color and neutral color. The light is too cold, which is easy to make people feel lonely


is actually to follow the principle of convenient use and place it according to your own habits and preferences. Full spectrum led table lamp table lamp bedroom bedside eye protection lamp has a larger and smaller irradiation range, which can be adjusted by three long arms as far as possible

1 Odin beamtec children's eye protection lamp is a real natural light table lamp in Japan

beamtec children's eye protection lamp is the extreme of artificial light source simulating natural light, and the color rendering index that best reflects the light source process reaches 95+, which is infinitely close to the color rendering index of natural light. Full spectrum led table lamp has clear, bright, soft and non dazzling light. The measured sunlight color rendering index RA is 98.6

2 parents' favorite

beamtec children's eye care lamp has been on the market for less than half a year, and has received the support of many parents, ranking first in Lotte sales. In many parents' groups in Beijing and Shanghai, the legendary eye protection lamp for children has been praised like a tide

3 side lighting technology is soft and not dazzling

friends who know photography know that the best time of day to take photos is in the morning and evening. Because it's a side light, it's very soft. Most of the light beads on the market are directly above and directly below. Full spectrum table lamp and beamtec children's eye protection lamp use imported led beads to emit light on the side, not on the top. In this way, the light is uniform, soft and not dazzling

4 the light-emitting surface is long, and the table one meter and two meters long has no pressure

beamtec children's eye protection lamp has broad lighting, which perfectly meets the needs of 120cm desk for homework, painting and manual lighting. Rectangular light-emitting surface, more suitable for rectangular desks

5 four stage dimming and three-stage color matching

beamtec children's eye protection lamp can be adjusted freely according to their own needs by touching the button. There are four stage dimming and three stage color matching. Full spectrum led table lamp

6 three-axis folding, random angle adjustment

7usb interface, safe and assured

850000 hours of life, can be used from primary school to university

there are many brands, and low-cost products account for the majority

after an interview in Haikou wujiaohua shopping mall, Haikou Heping market, Haikou Haidian market and many hypermarkets, it was found that there are hundreds of full spectrum table lamp brands sold in Haikou market at present, The price ranges from more than 30 yuan to more than 1000 yuan. Among them, eye protection lamps and led table lamps with the price of 30-70 yuan occupy about 80% of the market. Eye protection lamps have their own light source and other light sources

compared with low-priced lamps and high-priced lamps, only from the appearance, it seems that there are only differences between good and bad materials and fine and coarse workmanship

choose a suitable LED lamp full spectrum table lamp as eye protection lamp

in recent years, LED lamp, as a new type of lighting source, has gradually entered ordinary people's homes, and is highly respected for its energy-saving, high efficiency and other advantages. At present, there are many eye protection lamps with LED light sources on the market. However, due to the establishment of the damage tolerance rule in recent years, the vice president of the Municipal Quality Inspection Institute Zhang believes that at least under the current technical level, only a few LED lamps are suitable for eye protection. This is because as a point light source, LED is easy to produce glare after being used in desk lamp. Although there are many anti glare LED lamps at present, the lighting efficiency is also greatly reduced

in contrast, high-frequency fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps have their own advantages and disadvantages. High frequency fluorescent lamps have less stroboscopic, but the price is slightly higher, and there is the possibility of low frequency passing off as high frequency; Incandescent lamp has good optical performance, but it is inefficient and does not save energy; In energy-saving lamps, the warm color light source is more suitable for eye protection lamps, but its brightness is lower than that of white light source. But in general, these three kinds of lamps are ideal light sources for eye protection lamps

there are skills in purchasing and stress in using

how can I buy qualified eye protection lamps? The author learned from the testing institutions and sales personnel that the purchase and use should be based on methods

in addition to choosing 3C certified products in regular stores, consumers should also pay attention to: it is best to choose products with reflectors and lower light. When the eyes are 40 cm high from the desktop and 60 cm horizontally from the light source, they should not see the light source. The lamp pole of the table lamp should be as long and adjustable as possible, and the length of the wire should not be less than 1.8 meters

of course, in addition to good light, we should also pay attention to eye hygiene. When we use eye protection lamps, we should let our eyes rest for more than 40 minutes of continuous reading and writing. If there are obvious dark areas within the line of sight, it is best to turn on the ceiling lamp at the same time in the room where the eye protection lamp is used. After investigation and comparison, the author recommends an experimental machine imported from Japan. The action of the main hydraulic cylinder is mainly controlled by the industrial computer plus qualified d/a, digital i/o, measuring card and PLC. The eye protection lamp, full spectrum table lamp, beamtec eye protection lamp LED table lamp, adopts Korean sunlike light source and DC power supply, has no blue light, no glare, and the color rendering index is up to 95, restoring the true color of things. Most importantly, the price is not high, the price is not high, the price is not high. Now the discounted price is only 298 yuan, which can be mailed home. Haikou and the surrounding cities of Hainan can be reached the next day

led eye protection lamp what are the advantages of full spectrum led table lamp

led eye protection lamp full spectrum table lamp has an ultra long service life. Under the appropriate current and voltage, the service life of LED eye protection lamp can reach 100000 hours, that is, theoretically, the product life can reach more than 10 years, which has a longer service life than other types of lamps

led eye protection lamp full spectrum table lamp saves energy by 70% or more than fluorescent lamp, and saves electricity by 30% - 50%; In addition, it has a long service life, but the cost will be higher than the first two, but after accounting, the remaining part of the one-year electricity bill will save the price difference,

d eye protection lamp full spectrum table lamp has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, long service life, easy to control, maintenance free, safe and environmental protection. It is a new generation of cold light source, which is more energy-saving than tubular energy-saving lamps, with high brightness, long light projection, good light projection performance, wide voltage range. The light source is controlled by a microcomputer built-in controller, It can realize seven color changes of LED, with soft, gorgeous, colorful, low loss, low energy consumption and green environmental protection

led eye protection lamp desk lamps such as superconducting materials, carbon fiber, graphene, 3D printing and other cutting-edge materials not only leap into people's vision, LED desk lamps have many advantages. They are a kind of environmental protection products with low consumables and low power, and they are real eye protection desk lamps

personally, I think that table lamp beamtec, the sales champion of Lotte, is a good choice, which fully meets these three requirements. Beamtec's irodori plus full spectrum led table lamp is also said to be on sale in China. The domestic price is lower than that in Japan. There is no tariff, no freight, and the time is fast

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