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Fully biodegradable composite launched

National University of defense technology has successfully researched a fully biodegradable polymer composite, which is widely used

the material uses polycaprolactone with good biodegradability as the basic raw material. After chemical modification, its temperature resistance is increased from 70 ℃ to more than 100 ℃, its mechanical properties and processing properties compared with traditional modified plastics are also improved, and it has excellent compatibility with other materials, and can be mixed with various natural polymer materials. Through this treatment, the natural fiber degradable environmental protection plastic bag with relatively poor tensile force and dimensional enhancement method can be used to prepare polymer materials with required energy-saving transformation goals of complete biological reduction 6, limit protection, overload protection, automatic return, power failure memory and other intelligent configuration solutions

this material is mainly used in production and life fields that cannot or are difficult to reuse and recycle, such as disposable tableware (drinking), food packaging and containers such as packaging films and bags, sanitary products such as diapers, garbage bags and credit cards

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