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Dr. ö mer ganiyusufoglu, the chairman consultant of Shenyang Machine Tool Group, was awarded the "Friendship Award of the Chinese government" by the Chinese government. Dr. mer ganiyusufoglu, now one of the global giants and the chairman consultant of state-owned Shenyang Machine Tool Group, was awarded a special honor on September 29 and 30, 2018. Before the National Day holiday, he was awarded the Chinese government Friendship Award by the Chinese government, which was presented by Vice Premier Liu He in person (picture Ni, vice premier Liu He). This is the highest award that foreigners can win for making their bones healthier in China. The award is awarded to people who have worked in China for many years and made contributions. 50 experts from 21 countries around the world won this honor. (picture: group photo of 2018 winners). The experiment showed that when the fiber or yarn exceeded the yield point, a total of 4 Germans, Dr. ganiyusufoglu, as the only mechanical engineer, won this award. Premier Li Keqiang cordially met with foreign experts and their relatives who won the 2018 Friendship Award of the Chinese government at the Great Hall of the people. p>

group photo of 2018 winners

Dr. ganiyusufoglu won the award for his comprehensive work in China for more than 10 years. He graduated from the Polytechnic University of Berlin, majoring in machine tool manufacturing and processing technology. ⑥ after graduation, he worked at the IWF Institute of Berlin Institute of technology and the Fraunhofer ipk Institute (both led by Professor Dr. g nter spur). He received his doctor's degree in 1984. His research field is machine tool automation through industrial robots. This topic has also been a hot topic in global industry for many years, especially in China

ni, the demand has not improved significantly. Vice Premier Liu He has been engaged in industry in Germany for 20 years, from Traub Ag (system technology director) to the general manager of Mazak Germany Co., Ltd. Since April, 2006, he began his career in China as the general manager of index Dalian machine tool

from January 2011 to now, I have been engaged in the current position. The company became one of the three giants of cutting machine tools in the world in 2011. He helped the company identify important development areas for the future: digitalization, industry 4.0, intelligent factory, new business model and artificial intelligence. In addition, he also regularly represents the company in various forums, symposiums, exhibitions, etc., and participates in Industrial Research (for example, CIRP, International Academy of Production Engineering Sciences). In 2016, niyusufoglu became the chairman of industrial enterprise member of CIRP. He is actively engaged in global hot research topics, especially the practice of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations

through his more than ten years of international work in the machine tool industry, especially in tool machine tools, he has been warmly welcomed not only in China but also in the world

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