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Ninety percent of the hidden dangers of dangerous chemical enterprises in Ningxia have been rectified.

since the 100 day special rectification action for safe production in key industries in Ningxia was launched in March, 49 dangerous chemical enterprises have been inspected and 465 hidden dangers have been found, 90% of which have been rectified

the leading group for the special rectification of the hazardous chemical industry in the region organized safety supervision departments at all levels to investigate the hazardous chemical enterprises engaged in the illegal production of cement and other materials, and cancelled 15 hazardous chemical production enterprises and 118 class a business units; Supervise the new (modified and expanded) projects of hazardous chemicals such as Ningxia Dadi Chemical Co., Ltd. to apply for the safety license procedures according to the regulations, and urge the local safety supervision department to point out the "rise" or "fall" switch on the machine table for the new 300000 ton caustic soda project of Ningxia Risheng Industrial Co., Ltd. at this time, and confirm the illegal acts of the verification point without examination, like building a change laboratory machine with multiple ranges without examination

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