Bottle transfer and handover mechanism of the hott

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The utility model discloses a bottle transmission and handover mechanism of a vertical bottle washing machine, which comprises a auger, a bottle retaining fence, a lifting wheel body, a lifting cam, an arc fence and a lifting block component composed of a bottle supporting plate, a bottle shifting block, a sliding strip, a bushing, a bearing and a bolt shaft. The sliding strip is placed in the sliding groove of the lifting wheel body, and the bearing is placed in the cam curve groove opened on the lifting cam, The bottle pulling block is L-shaped, one side of which is provided with a bottle blocking block fixed on the lifting wheel body, and a spring piece fixed on the circular fence is arranged near the bottle junction outlet. The utility model can reduce the intersection between the bottle pulling block and the manipulator, and specifically introduces the bottle breaking rate of various materials in the use of Great Wall Motors. The structure is simple and reliable

each 100000 pieces of lime sand bricks of the same type is a batch, and less than 100000 pieces are also a batch

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